Our Staff

  • Amanda Markham, Compliance and Clinical Projects Director
  • Alexa Ritter, Bilingual Client Navigator
  • Duanna Murphy-Miller, Administrative Assistant/Office Manager
  • Mary-Beth Heaney Garate, Prevention Director
  • Sharon Travis, Prevention Coordinator
  • Juantrice Kirby, Contract Prevention Specialist
  • Akua Forkuo-Seykere, Advocacy and SAFE Clinical Director
  • Iesha Grant, SAFE Clinic Administrator
  • Lisa Wise, Clarksville Victim Advocate and SART Coordinator
  • Jessica Ricalday, Advocacy Service Coordinator
  • Olivia Darrow, Victim Advocate and Volunteer Coordinator
  • Ben Weinstein, Victim Advocate
  • Betsy Mangum, Victim Advocate
  • Brenda Ayala, Bilingual Victim Advocate
  • Molly Boyd, PT Victim Advocate
  • Sielo Coleman, PT Victim Advocate
  • Britnee Bishop, FSC Victim Advocate
  • Emily Cohen, Training Director
  • Jordan Owens, SA Training Specialist STOP
  • Marissa Miciotto, SA Training Specialist
  • Alicia Hart, SA Training Specialist
  • Shantell Johnson, SA Training Specialist
  • Alla Cross, Training Administrator
  • Mary Kay Munson, Client Operations Manager
  • Earnestine Sangster, Finance and HR Coordinator
  • Diana Perez, Events and Communications Specialist
  • Abby Mudter, Development Assistant

Our Advocates

Akua Forkuo-Sekyere- Advocacy Director

P: (615) 632-6692 F: (615)250-9056 E: aforkuo-sekyere@sacenter.org

Jessica Ricalday- Bilingual Victim Advocate

P: (615)259-9055 ext. 330 F: (615)259-9056 E: jricalday@sacenter.org 

Betsy Mangum- Victim Advocate

P: (615) 259-9055 ext. 315 F: (615)259-9056 E: bmangum@sacenter.org

Olivia Darrow- Victim Advocate

P: (615) 259-9055 ext. 388 F: (615) 259-9056 E: odarrow@sacenter.org

Lisa Wise- Sexual Assault Response Team Coordinator: Montgomery County / Clarksville Victim Advocate

P: (931)241-4501 F: (931)241-4003 E: lwise@sacenter.org

Molly Boyd- Part Time Victim Advocate

P: (615)259-9055 ext. 374 F: (615)259-9056 E: mboyd@sacenter.org

Crisis & Support Line
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