Mad Hatter Ballroom
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Mad Hatter 2021

Mad Hatter is the Sexual Assault Center's (SAC) premier fundraising event. Since the first gala almost 30 years ago, over four million dollars have been raised to benefit SAC. The evening is now one of Nashville’s leading charitable events with around 400 people attending the annual fundraiser.  Every year Mad Hatter welcomes past and new friends that connect in a spectacular environment filled with fun and energy, to engage in a mission that thrives to bring healing to survivors and their families.

Latest Mad Hatter


Advisory Committee 

Melissa Mahanes: Advisory Chair

Lisa Campbell

Elizabeth Kraft Bleecker

Cynthia Arnholt

Beth Davis

Libby Callaway

Kelley Durham

Anastasia Krajeck

Sara Dorfman

Amanda Graff

Melanie Tigrett

Sarah Beth Downey

Kathy Dorr

Becca Fuqua

Libba Vickery

About Sexual Assault Center (SAC)

SAC was started by two Vanderbilt University divinity students in 1978 as a crisis line to help survivors of rape and sexual abuse. Today, SAC’s mission is to provide healing for children, adults, and families affected by sexual assault and to end sexual violence through counseling, education, and advocacy. 

In the past 3-4 years, SAC has grown and changed tremendously and experienced a CEO leadership transition. Our agency has doubled in size and budget, going from a staff of approximately 25 to 55. We now have more robust service offerings including a Clinical Department, an Advocacy, SAFE Clinic & Hotline Team, a Statewide Training Team, and a Prevention & Outreach Team.