We offer free of charge advocate services to individuals affected by sexual violence.


The Victim Advocates at the Sexual Assault Center are available to support, empower, and represent the rights of survivors of sexual assault.

Advocate services are available, in English and Spanish, to clients of the Sexual Assault Center and non-offending guardians of clients of the Sexual Assault Center as well as survivors of sexual assault in the Middle Tennessee region who are not currently receiving counseling services at the center.


Advocacy services are available in person at both the Nashville and Clarksville offices.

  • Information and assistance in filing for Victim’s Compensation

  • Assistance navigating the criminal justice system

  • Assistance filing a police report

  • Referrals to community resources

  • Appropriate civil legal/attorney referrals

  • Information and assistance filing for an Order of Protection.

  • Education/information regarding sexual assault statistics, definitions, and statutes.

  • Technical support and training available to community groups and organizations upon request.


The SAC advocacy team promises to do the following:

  1. Never give an answer we are not 100% certain of. If we do not have the information you need when we meet, we will do our best to find it.

  2. Never disperse personal case information without a signed release.

  3. Provide you with the information you need to make a decision.

  4. We will never make a decision for you; we will support whatever decision and/or course of action you determine is best for you.

  5. Help you create a doable “Plan of Action” once you have decided upon a course of action.